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Wales & West Utilities Ltd. at a Glance

Wales & West Utilities operates the gas distribution network across Wales and the South West England regions of the United Kingdom.

It also provides the gas emergency service and delivers the iron mains risk reduction programme in those areas.

  • Head office in Newport, Wales

  • 19 depots across Wales and South West England

  • Employs 1316 people

  • Serving 7.5 million customers

  • Service area of 1/6th of the UK

  • SAP Landscape: SAP ECC, FI/CO, MM, HCM with ESS (not MSS), SRM, CRM, BI, GRC


Wales & West’s SAP HCM reporting procedure was done with ABAP and was far from smooth. The process for obtaining the required report was protracted and drawn-out, which created challenges for the HR team who had to manage time usage, costs, wastage, use of individual skills, and more.

1. Individuals/Teams submit a request for development to the Change Advisory Board (CAB).
2. Requests are reviewed at the monthly CAB meetings.
3. Approved requests are then sent to contractors, who supply a written Impact Assessment.
4. The Impact Assessments are reviewed at the next monthly CAB meeting, where the final go-ahead is given.
5. SAP ABAP development process – time-consuming, usually needing a number of days.
6. User roles are amended by the security team.
7. Conduct User Acceptance Tests of the report and test the assigned roles.
8. Changes are moved to the Production server in the monthly transportation process.

The Business Case for purchasing Query Manager was based on development costs for a report intended to validate P11D information in the Company Car Infotype. The car information was compared to that in Travel Privileges and any inconsistencies were highlighted.

The quoted development time for this report to be developed as an ABAP, including Unit Testing and Delivery, was 28 days.

Some of the team at Wales and West had seen a recent demonstration of Query Manager and had realized its capabilities. It was clear that Query Manager was able to build the same report with a fraction of the effort at a comparable cost to the ABAP development cost. However, Query Manager was able to build all SAP HCM reports required by the business, and not just the Vehicle Validation Report.

Query Manager was purchased and part of the service included two days of on-site training. This proved invaluable, the training was thorough and gave the team confidence to build and create their own reports.

As a result, the Vehicle Validation Report was up and running in under two days. Importantly, return on investment was immediate and the purchase was completely justified. That particular report is still used as part of the pre-P11D validation process.

Reports are developed as required. This development is fast – many are completed within half an hour, but development is never more than half a day. After completion a user acceptance test of the report is conducted which determines if the requirements are met. After this, the report is added, firstly, to the Production server and then to the Query Manager User Group, upon which it becomes available to all users.

ROI recovered after finishing the very first report
Comprehensive delivered report library
Thorough induction and training
Query Manager community forum is perfect for sharing ideas and tips to get help with problems
Outstanding technical support system
Data errors greatly reduced within weeks
The right people receive the right data at the right time

  • The most prominent effect of Query Manager is much more streamlined and robust processes that revolve around HR data

    Catherine Curtis, Payroll Manager | Wales & West Utilities

  • The Vehicle Validation Report was up and running in our production environment in under 2 days! Impressive!
    Our ROI was immediate!”

    Wales & West Utilities


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Wales & West Utilities Ltd


Able to handle a large reporting catalogue:
200+ reports developed
3000 reports run in last 12 months
Adapts easily to a rapid and ever-changing environment
Facilitates control over report distribution
Less reliance on VLOOKUPs - more consistent reportingv Freedom to experiment with ideas
Excellent learning tool
Fosters a “can do” attitude.